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How to Generate Csharp or VB Codes From WSDL File

Hello everyone. 

I have a good tip/trick for you today. If you interest any WCF web services application or distribution, must be you heard wsdl files. The WSDL files are includes xml structure for integration. I want to generate csharp code from wsdl file today. And then i am searching short way on internet. I found a magical keyword. wsdl.exe.

Ok, i am passing the story. 

Open Developer Command Prompt For VS 20** version and write this code.

wsdl.exe /language:CS  /out:D:\YourPath\Sample.cs  D:\YourPath\Sample.wsdl

or using with svcutil tool:

svcutil.exe D:\sample.wsdl /t:code /l:c# /o:"D:\sample.cs" /n:*,NamespaceName 

Thats it.

Goodluck for your struggling.